There are no limits to the number of professions a character can have at one time. You may choose to undertake all of them at the same time if you feel so inclined.  They are split into primary and secondary professions. Primary professions have specialized crafts they can make. Secondary professions have items that will be good for all characters, regardless of class or race. 

Primary ProfessionsEdit

Clothier - Best at making personal cosmetic items. These can change the outcome of some interactions with NPCs.

Blacksmith/Armorer -

​Cloth - This armor is usually very magically infused and is ideal for those who won't be getting hit much at all. It is the easiest to move around in, but cannot take more than a few hits before tattering.  
Leather - This is a good starting armor type, preventing scrapes and cuts when being thrown across the room by your enemy.
Chain - Lightweight and strong, it will withstand and coushin many blows by the enemy. This is ideal for those who might get hit, but not very often and not very hard. 
Heavy - Ideal for those who are going to take a lot of damage. Much more restrictive with movement than the others.
Dragonscale - Very hard to come by, but well worth the effort.
Diamond - The toughest armor and weapons to date. 

Sous Chef - Makes great foods for people and pets alike.  Much more advanced than just cooking alone. 

Rancher - Best at making new pets and raising existing ones.

Alchemy/Chemistry/Potion Maker

Secondary ProfessionsEdit

Cooking -  Baking, Grilling, Frying



Herbalism/Foraging - Depending on the weather conditions, foraging for plants may be easier at times. When it has been raining, many more plants will be available for a short time. If it has not rained in a while, there will be less plants around the area. 

Refining - Get usable materials from old and uneeded things. 

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